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LinkedIn is joining the list of social and professional platforms with chat functionality, increasing the amount of chat apps; according to its creators will become a reinforcement tool among members connected in this professional network networking.

LinkedIn Connected

LinkedIn Connected

Now available in Google Play Store, with this description:

The new application LinkedIn Connected is a fast and simple way to strengthen your professional relationships. Why is this important? Because most opportunities come through people we know. Forge real relationships can help you be more successful. Connected offers relevant updates about the people you know so you can communicate with them where appropriate.

Invest in your contacts today to reap the rewards tomorrow.

  • You will know when to contact. We will notify you when there is a change in employment, birthdays, anniversaries and other work.
  • Focus on the right thanks to timely and relevant updates people.
  • Make a good impression and start better conversations with the information you get before meetings.
  • forging closer relations using just a few minutes a day.

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