Save Money EUR vs USD with this IFTTT recipe

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This simple statement bring you into IFTTT (say “ift“), a service connecting subject, predicate and object.

You can define a condition as a “thing to happen” (which would be the subject); for this recipe I am sharing today the condition or trigger fact is the daily exchange rate between Euro (€ EUR) and US Dollar ($ USD)

Save money recipe IFTTT

Save money recipe IFTTT

Then you must define the action (the predicate) to be taken once the previous statement happens. This is to say when "if" is true "then"...

Last but -not at all- least you must define what to do with the previous combined factors: subject & predicate, if & then.
The “That” statement will be in this particular example of possibly cool and useful IFTTT recipe the creation of an Event in Google Calendar. You can do many things from that point on through macros and some programming, but the scope for my recipe was simplier and for immediate value: set Google Calendar as your Android device default calendar and place a weekly agenda widget on your startscreen, this way every morning at 8:00 your agenda will reflect the exchange rate for EUR vs USD among your daily duties, some days this will be just a bit of information but the value of all this aims to those days when this information has full meaning, say you have to renew or buy a domain name, you are upgrading or getting a new web hosting, buy something online or pay for a service, make a deposit… You name it.

Hope you find it useful, share it with your colleagues and help them saving money.

IFTTT Recipe: Save money EUR vs USD (€/>$) connects stocks to google-calendar

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