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vulnerabilidad wordpress

Envato, one of the biggest professional WordPress themes selling platforms, reaches clients and users warning about a new XSS vulnerability aired by WP Bakery; the plugin affected by this security issue is the increasingly popular Visual Composer WordPress, a wonderful javascript based  visual editor which turns the “too-simple” native wysiwyg editing interface (unless WP rookie or you simply don’t mind) into a powerful editing tool with intuitive and new basic drag&drop.

New WordPress security breach

This new threat is actually multiple XSS vulnerability in the mentioned plugin Visual Composer WordPress versions older than 4.7.4 (this is to say, versions previous to October 2nd 2015).

Envato was pinging WP Bakery constantly, Visual Composer creators took action immediately addressing and fixing the issue .

What to do to stay safe

Just make sure you run version 4.7.4 of Visual Composer WordPress or later, otherwise you should update asap.

If you used this plugin on any client site remember repeating the operation on them

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This handy editor comes bundled with the template I am using on this blog which helps me being on SERP’s top for many keywords in such a competed sector as online marketing.

Download now the security update for Visual Composer WordPress.

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